Meet our founder

Hey,  I’m Sandra!

I am a degreed accountant and I help solopreneurs keep their business finances organized, increase cash flow and reduce tax liability using tax and accounting strategies so that they can focus on what they enjoy doing best.  

I absolutely enjoy creating a system that helps organize and effectively manage small business financial operations.

I currently live in Pennsylvania with my husband and two lovely boys! Aside from my passion for taxes and accounting and helping small business owners,  I spend much of my time researching new tax and accounting industry information or experimenting with beauty products.

Just like you, I understand the need for a work-life balance and I know how time-consuming your business accounting and taxes can be, I’m here to help!

Want to know more about me?

About Purity Accounting

Purity Accounting started out as a tax solution for family and friends in the pandemic and has grown to work with over 20+ small business owners across the United States.

Our passion is to see small businesses succeed and grow. We want to help your business stay financially healthy while you focus on other aspects of your business growth.

Our goal for your business includes but is not limited to:

  • Saving your time by working on your books while you focus solely on meeting your business goals.
  • Providing high-quality and personable accounting services for your business.
  • Focusing on helping you maximize your profit and reduce taxes.

“We understand everything that has to deal with finances can be overwhelming and this is
why we are here, to help lift that burden off your shoulders and carry it for you”